Logicsmith Exhibition 1: Polyominous (RESULTS!)

Two weeks ago, I invited my readers to craft a Polyominous puzzle with the givens in a particular arrangement for my first Logicsmith Exhibition. The response was. . . abysmal. I mean, maybe it's because my blog doesn't have a million billion readers, but I promoted this thing on The Grey Labyrinth forum, and I still only got one other valid puzzle submission, from Dave Stigant. Did I make the aesthetic too hard to work with? Was the grid too big? Did I underpromote? Is logicsmithing simply a rarer talent than I had hoped? I honestly do not know. Readers, please give me feedback as a comment on this post! I want to have another Logicsmith Exhibition at some point, so I would like to know what I should do differently. In the meanwhile, here are both of the puzzles:
dstigant's puzzle:mathgrant's puzzle:
For better or worse, the puzzles are very stylistically different. Honestly, I prefer mine, because it has more of a Nikoli flavor, but I'm probably biased. ;) But yeah. . . there we go. Those are the results.

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